Quickly remove unwanted facial and body hair.

Don’t struggle at home with tweezing and do-it-yourself wax kits.  Visit us and let our experienced professionals remove any and all unwanted hair as quick as a wink.


Feel more confident than ever before

Tweezing is time consuming, inefficient and painful.  When you have unwanted facial hair, look no further than us for fantastic service at extraordinarily competitive prices.  Call today for brow and eyelash services.

Brow wax - $15
Lip wax - $10
Brow and Lip wax - $22
Chin wax - $10
Nose wax - $15
Underarm - $20
Back wax - $50+  
Half Leg (Knee down) - $50
Full Leg - $65

Bikini - $35
Full Brazilian - $80+                                                                        Full Brazilian within 4 weeks - $60 (return clients only) Lash Lift - $65
Lash Tint - $25 Lash Lift and Tint - $75
Brow Tint - $20
Lash and Brow combo - $40
Temporary Lash Strips - $20

Remove all unwanted body hair in one fell swoop when you visit our licensed cosmetologists.  You’ll receive fabulously fast and responsive service.  Show us your military ID for an instant 10% discount when you’re on active duty.